Full text OCR search tool that brings the contents of books into the library catalog

Data development

Built an open source data tool with Elasticsearch on Rails and used it to publish Collective Impact Lincoln's annual data report

I was invited by Barbara Kagima to collaborate on a data development project in Nairobi. The goal is to help aid workers and researchers spot oncoming crisis situations before they are obvious.


Friends from college formed a start-up called SEMCAT dedicated to solving the problem of price transparency in the market for insurance. We sold the company in June 2015 to Applied Systems.

I co-founded another start-up, HonestPolicy, to provide better quality transparency and consumer education in the personal insurance market. For example, I built a product that extracts insights from price data. Then I made and narrated this video of my project ▼

In 2011–2013 I built the backend prototype for Clear Health Costs, which brings transparency to the healthcare marketplace by telling people prices for medical procedures and items.

Network art

Photography and interactive electronic artwork exploring networks ▼

Software that makes me happy

I wanted a simple to-do list. It became a personal challenge to see how concisely I could write one. (The answer was eleven lines of code.)

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I wanted to learn a little about music and a little about how to use JavaScript to produce sound. I call it a Noise Piano.

Noise Piano source code »

sound on


In 2016 I worked with geneticist Colin Meiklejohn on a bioinformatics project the improve our understanding of the biological observation known as Haldane's rule.

▲ 5 RNA fragments considered in the project
My RNA fragment software »

Scientific Illustration

Traditional illustration techniques for naturalists — ink, pencil, and microscope

Letting the natural world be my guide
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